Who am I
My name is Barbara Beckers, and in 1989 I founded Translation Agency Beckers Translations. I think my work is the perfect combination of my passion for language, my sense of structure and clarity, and my background as a Programmer/System Analist.

My Specialty
The first years I mainly translated and wrote computer books, but over time the focus has shifted to the translation of manuals and software. I have written, translated and edited in total almost 100 books for Academic Service, Addison Wesley, Sybex, Ottenhof Automatisering, Reader’s Digest and Bruna.



I have worked on projects for
Accor Adobe Air Products Amazon Azure Barnes and Noble Bing Blackboard Canon Cisco Citrix CMRI Criteo Cummings Edwards Exxon Facebook Fleetmatics Foxit Fuiji Garmin Glassdoor Haier Honeywell HP Hyundai Intel Intuit Kyocera Lenovo McAfee Microsoft Motorola NetGear Netop Vision Nielsen Nissan Oracle Perceptive Software Philips Pitney Bowes Phonak Planon Plantronics Rubicon Saba Salomon Samsung Simba Sony Sphero Symantec Wehkamp Yamaha

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